A parure is a set of various items of matching jewelry, which rose to popularity in 17th century Europe.  Far beyond various items of more or less matching jewelry, a parure is an entire wardrobe, or suite, of matching jewelry. Reserved for royalty and the wealthier classes, no woman was considered socially acceptable without a complete wardrobe of jewelry that defined her status, strength and political power. A matching suite of coordinating pieces could include a necklace, a comb, a tiara, a diadem, a bandeau, a pair of bracelets, pins, rings, drop earrings or cluster stud earrings, brooch and a belt clasp that might be worn over a fine dress.
Of course, any woman owning a parure would not flaunt it: to do so would be déclassé; besides, a parure proclaimed itself.

In our use:

Gorgeous music played effortlessly, tossed off, as if it were nothing, a trifle, the merest bagatelle...
or so we'd wish!

We play English Country Dance music, for the dance that Jane Austen danced, knew well and loved,
the dance and music that was the social focus in the English countryside and the ton of London up until the mid-1800s.
"To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love" - J. Austen
This dance is still danced all over the world, and you can find an English Country Dance near you in the US at:

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The Trifles:
The Merest Bagatelle
A Few Trifles More
Just Another Whimsy

The Early Morning Consort
Ashokan 2013

The Tiddly-Pom Recordings

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